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Weird ways to clean your dirty sink

Dirty sink with sponge in it

We have all been there before. You have to clean your scary dirty sink. Geiser Berner knows this isn’t one of your favorite tasks. Who wants to wash a sink after washing your dishes? You’d think all that running water would keep them clean. Unfortunately, sinks are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria. In fact, there’s […]

Thermostat Tips for Winter

Thermostat Tips for Winter

Have you ever been frustrated or sad about the cost of your gas bill during the winter? Well, that’s a dumb question because we have all been there before. With Geiser Berner in business for almost 100 years, we have been sharing a few thermostat tips for winter with our clients. It is time to […]

Myths About Indoor Air Quality

We know as a homeowner or a business owner you always want the best Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) you can have in your space. At Geiser Berner, we have heard some myths about indoor air quality that we would like to shed some light on. We have compiled just a small list of some of […]