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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions regarding HVAC

Geiser Berner has been around since 1929 that is almost 100 years. We have head so many rumors and questions regarding HVAC and plumbing. Because of this our company decided to make a small list of some of the more common questions that clients had. Some were surprised and happy to find out they had the same frequently asked questions as everyone else. At Geiser Berner we value our customers. Please feel free to contact us if you do not see the answer you are looking for. One of our friendly staff members are always ready to assist.

HVAC can be elaborated as Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. These three main functions of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning are basically interrelated. Moreover, HVAC basically depicts the entire cooling and heating system of an air conditioner, including the air filters, humidification controls, duct work, etc.

That is our number one question. Each situation is different and prices can vary depending what exactly is going on with your air conditioner. Our technicians are trained to be honest and are not paid on commission. We try and give as many options as possible to our customers to make sure they can make the right decision for themselves.

Twice a year, whether you have a straight cool air conditioner with a furnace or a heat pump, we recommend having it looked it in the fall and spring. Many things can happen to your unit during summer or winter. It’s best to have a professional go through your system before cooling or heating season starts to make sure your equipment is running at factory specs.

I always tell my customers that everyone has there own Comfort when it comes to temperatures in their home. I personally enjoy having my home at 74 degrees at night at 83 in my house during the day (when I’m not home). I do not recommend going any higher then 85 degrees in your house though. The higher the temperature in your home the harder your air conditioner will actually work which can cause your unit to not last as long because of the high load you put on you ac unit during the hottest time of the year.
For heating we recommend October-December for cooling we recommend February-May

Yes they do, depending on how you set them up. I recommend going online to your power company and see what they recommend setting your temperatures at during the day. Some power companies recommend using their time of day program (if they have one) I recommend going with a e hour time span if available. Do not turn your unit off during your peak time, this can make your unit run harder then it is designed for and could potentially cause damage to your unit long term.

Great question! Average lifespan of an Air Conditioner now days should last 10-15 years minimum, it depends on the quality of the unit you install, the quality of install itself and how often you are actually maintaining your air conditioner. If your unit is older the. 10 years old and feel like you need to replace your ac unit, please call us and set up a free estimate for a new ac unit.
Absolutely! If your AC unit seems to not be cooling as well as it was the day before check your filters, dirty filters can cause low air flow which can freeze your unit up. My unit is blowing out hot air only, the only thing you can do here is just check your setpoints on the thermostat and if your breaker is tripped in the panel. If your reset your breaker and it trips again then you will need to call a professional to look at your ac unit. We do not recommend opening the ac unit up yourself!
Use non pleated filters or nothing more then a merv 8 pleated filter. Please do not use an allergenic filter, these filters actually can cause harm to the unit due to too much material which causes restriction to the air flow which will harm the unit. I have seen this take out blower motors and compressor which those repairs can cost you thousands of dollars depending on the make of the unit.

Minimum every 3 months, if you have high traffic in your house I recommend changing the filters once a month or when dirty.

Yes it can, your duct work is in your attic which is in a very dirty environment and is surrounded by dirt and particles from the outside air. We recommend sealing your duct work and installing a UV light that will provide clean air going through your supply duct work which goes in each room of your home. We install many brands of UV lights and have great success with our customers. Please contact us for more information.
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